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Horseback Riding - Central New York- Syracuse- Nedrow, New York

 Horsemanship Lessons

Real-World Horsemanship Lessons

At Quarry Ridge Stables, we help you gain real-world skills and build relationships to become a confident, independent rider.  We emphasize an understanding of horse behavior and care as well as riding skills in both Western and English disciplines to make you an accomplished and well-rounded rider. We are proud to provide lessons for riders of all ages and experience levels in a fun, safe environment.  

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2018 Lesson Prices

All lessons include grooming and tacking time. Private lessons are 1 hour long, group lessons are 1.5 hours.

Private Lesson ……….….. $45       Group Lesson …………... $35

5 Private Lessons ………. $200      5 Group Lessons ………. $150

10 Private Lessons …...… $350      10 Group Lessons …...… $250

 For our younger riders (5-7 years old), we offer shorter private lessons (30 minutes of riding time) for $30. 

Questions? Email us! syracusehorsebackriding@gmail.com

 Or call the Riding Instructor at 913-522-1248

Independent Rider Certification and Membership

 Have you ever dreamed of hitting the trail with no distractions but the company of your horse? Then our Membership Program is for you! With our Wrangler Club, you can take one of our calm and trusty trail horses on an adventure all your own.


Wrangler Club Membership - $40.00

All riders working toward Wrangler status get a lesson discount of $5. To achieve Wrangler status, you must take at least one lesson and be approved by our riding instructor. Unguided Wrangler rides are $25. 

 Please email syracusehorsebackriding@gmail.com for more information!

Meet our Riding Instructor!

Elizabeth McDonald has been teaching horseback riding lessons across the country for 10 years, with a special focus on introducing youth and beginner riders to independent riding on the trails. She fell in love with upstate New York for its gorgeous scenery and spectacular trails, and we are happy to have her teaching lessons here at Quarry Ridge Stables!