Rt 80 Quarry Ridge Stables   

Horseback Riding - Central New York- Syracuse- Nedrow, New York

              Trail Rides




A guided horseback ride through our scenic trails on a 300 acre range. 

Children under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets. We provide SEI certified helmets for minors and anyone who wishes to wear a helmet while riding.

Package # TR1: Guided Horseback Ride: $50.00 per person - Our guides will take you for a one hour scenic walking cross country trail ride.               

Package # TR4Private group horseback rides with lodge - Group size minimum of  10, 3 hour use of lodge included - Call for more details 315-492-RIDE (7433)


Call today, ride today! 

 We are always happy to take you out on our trails, even if you just made plans today! Reservations are always encouraged, but in some cases we may be able to accommodate walk-up requests.


      *Riders Ride at Own Risk* 
We understand many people have riding experience. For the experienced rider, guided trail rides may not offer enough freedom. We are happy to offer unguided trail rides through our Wrangler Certification program. Your experience may have come in the form of guided trail rides, where one horse follows another and does not require much from passengers. Or, you may have had lessons from a horse trained to listen to precise commands in the show ring. Or, you may have had experience with a personally owned horse; or access to an individually owned horse that has become familiar with you. All of these experiences provide you with horsemanship skills, but may have left out some important details necessary for an enjoyable and safe ride on one of our lively horses, which have all had experiences of their own. In order to offer you this unique opportunity, we need to ensure everyone who is Wrangler Certified has the skills necessary to safely enjoy our horses... So please bear with us while we assess and educate you. To learn more about our Certification program, click here.